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Three Reasons Why You Need an Email List

Email marketing is as crucial as ever.

Emails allow you to build brand awareness, engage with consumers, and get your messages out quickly.

Ok, so they're important, but here's why you NEED an email list. And if you don't have one, here's why you should start building yours.

1. Smartphone Users Prefer Emails

According to Statista, 46% of smartphone users prefer to receive communications from brands via email rather than any other medium.

Think about it.

Do you ever reach for your phone first thing in the morning?

Do you check your email before leaving bed?

If you do, you're not alone.

Almost half of all Americans check their email in the morning before going to work. As many as one out of every three millennials check their email as soon as they wake up. (source,

So, with tons of consumers preferring email, it’s time you take advantage of this method of communication.

2. You Own Your Email List

Unlike social media, you own your email subscriber list. Your contacts have given you their permission to email them.

When you send an email out, you know that all those emails are (or should be) reaching the individuals on your email list.

The same isn't true for social media.

Take Facebook, for example. If you post on Facebook, your content will likely reach only a fraction of your following.

Author Thea Harrison has over 17,500 followers on Facebook. Facebook has prompted her to "promote" her content- for a price with the promise that it will "reach up to 586 more potential users."

In other words, they want her to pay for a post that will only reach a maximum of 3.3% of her audience.

Why is this a problem? These are already fans who have liked her page who WANT to get updates from her. And they’re not getting those updates.

Even if you pay to promote your posts for a greater reach, you might still only get your content in front of a fraction of your existing audience.

But with emails, you know that when you send an email to a current email account, there is no gatekeeper restricting your content.

After that, it’s up to you to get them to open it.

3. Email Marketing is Effective

There's a reason why so many companies use email marketing: it works!

Approximately 50% of consumers buy a product or service from their email marketing at least once per month. And 59% believe that email marketing has influenced their purchasing decisions.

The return on investment for email marketing is the highest of any channel. On average, for every $1.00 spent, email marketing brings in a return of $36.00.

Compare that to the following:

  • SEO marketing: $22.00 ROI per dollar spent;

  • Magazine ads: $3.94 ROI per dollar spent;

  • Display ads: $2.63 ROI for every dollar spent

  • Pay-per-click ads: $2.00 ROI for every dollar spent

So, if you want to ramp up your email marketing, and you’re wondering whether you should hire a copywriter-

(Jedi hand wave: I am the copywriter you’re looking for)-

- keep in mind that email marking is a great investment!


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