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20 Copywriting Terms to Know and Love

If you’re working with a copywriter, you might hear specific terms come up quite often. Let’s take a closer look at those terms. Because knowledge is power, eh?

Let's do this.

Brief: A creative brief is a description of the project that allows the copywriter and designer to complete the project. It will include the scope and goal of the project, a target audience, deadlines, and limitations. You can prepare one on your own before hiring a copywriter. If you don’t have one, the copywriter will often prepare one themselves.

Direct response copywriter: Someone specializing in copy intended to elicit an immediate response.

Conversion Copywriter: Conversion copywriting is copywriting with a specific conversion in mind. This is a term that people often use interchangeably with direct response copywriting.

Organic Social Media Marketing: The free content you see when a business or individual updates their account.

Paid Social Media Marketing: The use of advertisements and sponsored messages on social media platforms.

Lead Magnet: Lead magnets are something of value you offer to prospective clients in exchange for their email addresses. A lead magnet might include an ebook, a webinar, a guide, a product trial, an evaluation, and more.

B2B: business to business.

B2C: business to consumer.

Call to Action: Kind of what it sounds like, it’s a prompt for the consumer to act, such as to subscribe, buy now, learn more, visit a website, and so on.

Funnel: The funnel is a reference to the buyer’s journey. At the top of the funnel is the stage of the buyer’s journey known as awareness. The middle of the funnel is known as consideration. The bottom of the funnel is known as conversion or action.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website to appear higher on the search results page. More can be found on this here.

Demand Generation: A marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and interest and build trust.

Lead Generation: The process of increasing the interest in your product or service to transform that interest into a sale.

Lead Nurturing: The process of building a relationship to turn prospective clients into buyers.

Impressions: A measurement of the number of views your content receives.

Open Rate: A measurement of the number of emails opened compared to the number of emails sent.

Click Through Rate: A measurement of the number of times someone sees your content compared to the number of times they click on it.

Conversion Rate: A measurement of the total number of visitors compared to the number of conversions, whether to buy something, download something, or more.

Landing Page: Customized web pages where a prospective customer might land after clicking on a link, such as a link in an email, an advertisement, or another web page.

A/B Split Testing: The testing of two versions of a piece of marketing- often a website or email- to measure which one performs better for the intended audience.


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