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Breaking Down the Process

You're thinking of hiring a copywriter (hint: yours truly) and you're wondering what to expect if you submit your information on the Contact page.

Before I break down the process, I will say this: you don't need to worry about a salesy pitch. In fact, during our initial conversation, I'll ask a bunch of questions and YOU'LL be doing most of the talking. My goal is to find out about your company and how I can help. In most cases, you won't get a pitch at all over the phone. What you will get is a proposal via email after our call which will outline my suggestions to help your business.

If you're reading this thinking, I'm too busy to talk, I hear you. That's why I let clients know that initial consults are only about 15 - maybe 30 - minutes. If you can commit to 15-30 minutes, I promise to use that time effectively.

What IS the process, exactly?


  • Consultation: I'll ask you about your company, business challenges, some suggestions, and your timeline. If you already know what your company needs, then we'll focus on the specifics of that project.

  • Proposal: I'll email you a proposal with the scope of my services, a quote, and a proposed timeline. You decide if you want to move forward with some or all of the proposal.

  • Contract: I'll send you a contract which details the project, payment, and other necessary information. You pay one-half in advance and we move to Phase Two!


  • Kickoff Call: Another phone call! This time, we'll talk in greater detail and I'll have even more questions so that I can prepare a creative brief.

  • Creative Brief: The creative brief is a documents that outlines the goals, purpose and strategy of the project. I'll send that over to you within 2 business days of our kick off call.

  • The Work: After you approve the brief, that's when I get to work. I may need to reach out occasionally with questions but usually I'm tucked away in my secret lair as I research, concept, write and edit the copy until it's ready for review.


  • Copy Doc: I'll send you the completed copy doc and schedule a call to talk about it and any feedback you have.

  • Revisions: I have no limit on revisions, but I do ask that all revisions be communicated within 14 days of receiving the copy doc. This ensures that I am still available- and not working on another project. This also ensures that the copy does what it's supposed to be doing: helping your business! It does no good languishing in review purgatory so let's commit to reviewing it and finalizing it right away.

  • Payment: Once you're completely happy with the work, I'll invoice you for the balance and you pay!

If you're ready to get started, then go ahead and reach out here!


Need a good copywriter? Contact me here!

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