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Five Signs Your Sci-Fi/Fantasy Obsession May Have Gone Too Far

If you’re anything like me, you’re a fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy.

But how do you know when you’ve crossed over to the dark side?

Here are five warning signs I’ve learned from experience!!

Sign #1: Your dream about an interview suddenly morphs into the longest and most epic alien invasion dream of your life. Watch out, Will Smith and Tom Cruise. Earth has a new hero!

If you spend your nights dreaming about planet invasions, the one ring to rule them all, and attending Hogwarts, your obsession may have gone too far.

Sign #2: Ladies’ nights have turned into game nights, but the only game you play is called “Geek Battle.”

Suppose you’ve got regular social engagements, but suddenly all your friends want to play board games, especially those involving sci-fi/fantasy trivia. If that happens, your obsession may have gone too far.

Sign #3: Your perfect night includes an episode of Stranger Things and re-reading books by TA White or Ilona Andrews. (FYI- the best!)

Variety is the spice of life. But what happens when all you want to do is watch the Duffer Brothers in action and read your favorite sci-fi/fantasy author? Your obsession may have gone too far.

Sign #4: You see Dungeons and Dragons everywhere. You start thinking that the universe is trying to send you a message and that it’s never too late to give it a try.

Dungeons and Dragons was at its height of popularity in 1982. That was 40 years ago. If you’re seeing D&D everywhere, your obsession may have gone too far.

(Actually, there was a resurgence in 2020 when schools started shutting down. D&D references really ARE everywhere these days.)

Sign #5: Your brand is superhero themed, and you’re not embarrassed a bit.

Do you run a business, or are you a freelancer? If you’ve incorporated superheroes or other sci-fi/fantasy elements into your brand, your obsession may have gone too far.

Just kidding, folks!! There’s no such thing as “too far” when it involves sci-fi and fantasy.

If any of this sounds like you, let me know! I’m always happy to chat with a fellow enthusiast!


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