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The Daily Life of a Freelance Copywriter

If you've ever wondered what freelancing is like as a copywriter, then I'm happy to give you a glimpse into my daily schedule!

Drumroll, please!

6:30 am- alarm goes off, hit snooze, begrudgingly roll out of bed,

8:00 am - drop kids off at school

8:30 am - consume large quantities of caffeine. (soda, not coffee-blech!)

9:00 am- 3:00 pm: work, basking in the joy of a silent and interruption-free household

3:00 pm: kids come home, pause work for general mayhem

3:30 pm: try to write, put in earplugs to ignore constant shrieking and fighting

4:00 pm- get interrupted five times to answer questions about homework, dinner, laundry, etc

4:30 pm: ear plugs lose the battle to the noise; admit defeat

7:30 pm: put kids to bed

8:00 pm- watch an episode of Stranger Things

9:30 pm- realize the house is quiet again; keep working

11:00 pm- Ahhh! Reading time! This week I'm hoping to start The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik.

12:00 Midnight-Zzzzzzzz

What about you? Do your schedule and your work life look different than they did two years ago?


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[That coffee is false advertising!! Imagine a soda can instead!!]

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