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Feel the Welcome with Welcome Emails!

If you’re a business owner, welcome emails are a must-have.

What is a welcome email? A welcome email is an introductory email you send out automatically after someone has signed up for your newsletter or online store.

Welcome emails can either be a single email like the one I have for my newsletter, or they can be a series of emails.

What is the importance of a welcome email?

1) Engagement and Retention!

The welcome email lets customers know that their name and email have not been lost in the void of the internets! More importantly, it's a fantastic tool for customer engagement and retention. It reminds your customers of your presence and prompts them to re-visit your website, Facebook page, Instagram page, and more.

Remember, they gave you their name and email for a reason! They want to hear from you!

2) Brand and Voice

Sending out a welcome email or welcome email series is an opportunity to further establish your brand and your tone with customers or potential customers.

Ok, you got me. This one is actually a subset of engagement, but I felt it was important enough to get its own explanation.

Your website should already be doing the heavy lifting to establish your brand identity (your brand's look and sound, the values it communicates, and how consumers perceive it).

The email should be a continuation of all the amazing work you put into your website with the look, logo, colors, and values of your brand.

Let's not forget about the voice! Does your brand have a quirky and humorous voice? Or is it serious and academic? Whatever it is, make sure it is consistent with your overall brand identity. And make sure it's in your welcome email!

3) Provide Value

The welcome email is a chance to provide value to your customers, and that's great because consumers want value!

What are some examples of the value you may offer in a welcome email?

  • Demonstrate your qualifications in your industry. For example, if you're a CPA, you can explain your background, including your training and the history of your successful career as an accountant. If you're a Realtor, remind customers of your years of expertise and your specialty in certain geographic areas.

  • Educate. This is a good one for any profession as it demonstrates your qualifications. For example, if you're an editor, give your subscribers a list of helpful editing tips. If you're a fashion consultant, you can educate on current trends and provide a list of advice for fall fashions. (These are also examples of lead magnets which I'll discuss in another post)

  • Offer new customers a coupon or discount code. This is a win-win if they use that discount code!

  • Shine a spotlight on a product by offering it at a discounted rate. Welcome emails are a great time to showcase your best products and services!

  • Provide value by entertaining! If you're a performer you can provide a video clip exclusive to your subscriber list. If you're a book publisher, provide a collection of short stories. (These are also lead magnet ideas!)

What about you? Are there any brands that have made a big impact on you with their welcome email? Which ones do you remember the most?


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