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IKEA Welcome Email

(Copywriting Spec)

The Project: Ikea is a popular brand specializing in ready-to-build furniture, and furnishings.  The goal for this project was to re-design the IKEA welcome email to establish the brand for new customers and to improve upon the click-through rate. 

The Strategy: IKEA wants to make "a better everyday life" for their customers. I felt that it was important to focus on this message in the welcome email. The headlines and body copy are an extension of the "better everyday" concept and invite the reader to visualize their home as both an inspiration and an oasis of calm. I highlighted this message by focusing on three areas central to customers' homes: sofas for their living rooms, their kitchens, and beds and mattresses for their bedrooms.  

Collaborator: I collaborated with Collin Morlock on the graphic design for this project. We strategized together on ideas to improve the current welcome email, the concept of highlighting various rooms, and methods for increasing the conversion rate. Collin did a great job creating the look of the IKEA welcome email and keeping it on brand.  

The Copy Hero Ikea Email

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