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The Project: Piglet's Revenge is a competitive kickball team that played for five seasons in Los Angeles, California. The goal for this project was to craft game summaries each week for the league newsletter. The target audience included socially and physically active men and women in their 20s and 30s.

The Strategy:  I chose to create an overall story for the season focused on the concept of the team's mascot as well as individual stories each week based on the opposing team. The newsletter recaps sought to entertain while also increasing the team's popularity amongst the fans and other players.  

Game 1

Game Recap Week 1

Game 2

Game Recap Week 2

Game 3

Week 3_Page_6.jpg

Game 3 CONT.

Week 3_Page_7.jpg

Game 4

Week 4_Page_9.jpg

Game 5

Week 5_Page_6.jpg

Game 6

Week 6_Page_6.jpg

Game 7

Week 7_Page_7.jpg

Game 8

Week 8_Page_6.jpg

Game 8 CONT.

Week 8_Page_7.jpg

Game 9

Game 10

Week 9_Page_6.jpg
Game 10_Page_7.jpg


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