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(Copywriting Spec)

The Project: Netflix is a streaming entertainment service company which provides subscribers with a large selection of movies, television shows, documentaries, and original content. The business objective for this project was to create a three-part advertisement for Bridgerton Season 2 within the framework of Netflix's current "One Story Away" Campaign.

The Strategy: Bridgerton Season 1 was a phenomenal hit for Netflix with a reported 82 million household viewers. However, many attribute the success of Season 1 in part to its release during the height of the pandemic when there were fewer entertainment options. The strategy for this series of advertisements was to remind viewers of their love of the show and to spark their curiosity about Season 2 by enticing them with the lushness of the Regency era, the promise of romance, and the complexity of this season's lead characters. 


Collaborator: For this project, I worked with David Osorio on the graphic design. David did a fantastic job of using the progress bar design that is the main visual feature of the One Story Away" campaign in order to escalate the emotional effect on the viewer. 

The Copy Hero Bridgerton Season 2 Ad
The Copy Hero Season 2 Ad 2
The Copy Hero Bridgerton Ad 3


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