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(Copywriting Spec)

The Project:  The goal for this project was to create a magazine advertisement that promotes COVERGIRL's Leaping Bunny certification. In 2018, Cover Girl became certified with the Leaping Bunny from Cruelty Free International, an organization which seeks to end animal testing throughout the world. The Leaping Bunny certification means that a brand has undergone a rigorous independent audit to become certified as cruelty-free at every stage of their product development. 

The Strategy: My task for this project was to create a headline that markets the cruelty-free certification while also complementing the existing design. I chose the phrase, "Unleash Your Wild" to encourage customers to take risks and to embrace their bold and beautiful while also calling upon the idea that COVERGIRL has unleashed their wild from product development. 

Collaborator: For this project, I collaborated with David Osorio who created the concept for the project and the graphic design. David's design focused on the image of a bunny - an animal commonly used and killed throughout the world for research purposes- to promote the COVERGIRL's commitment to produce cruelty-free products.

The Copy Her Magazine Ad

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