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If you're mulling over the decision to hire a copywriter, then now is the time to consider the impact a copywriter can have on your business.

As a business owner, your goal is to generate traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales.

Generating traffic to your website can happen in several ways, which I'll save for another post.

But what happens when someone comes to your website hoping to find out more? Does your website have what it takes to make the sale or is it causing you to miss out?

There are many elements involved in creating a killer website. For now, I'll focus on three of the biggest factors.

1. Trustworthiness is a Must

The consumer must trust you and what you're selling, or they won't be handing over their money.

It's important to establish trustworthiness on every page of your website. This goes beyond your authenticity. This includes your qualifications, on-brand copy, and the value that your product or service provides.

And it doesn't stop there. As consumers, we assimilate information and pass judgment in a matter of seconds. Your website must have current information and be reviewed periodically to update your products, services, and even reviews and testimonials. If your website copy or design looks dated then consumers will hesitate. If they hesitate, they'll keep looking elsewhere.

2. Why Should They Choose You?

There's a lot of competition out there no matter the industry.

To make the sale you have to convince the consumer that you're better than the rest. The way to do that is to create and present a unique selling proposition.

A unique selling proposition is a marketing strategy that explains why your business is different from and better than the competition.

For example, FedEx's famous unique selling proposition and their slogan is, "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." It's memorable, explains what makes their service the best, and provides a guarantee that inspires trust.

Whatever it is YOU are selling, make sure you have thought about what sets you apart from your competition and that your own unique selling proposition is on your website.

3. A User-Friendly Website

The last one I'll mention here is creating a user-friendly website with both user-friendly copy and user-friendly design and structure.

Website visitors want to be able to find information quickly and easily. People have short attention spans. If your website design is difficult to navigate or if pages are hard to find then they'll stop trying.

This same short attention span also affects how much time visitors will spend reading your copy. Too little and you may be missing out on important information. Too much and the consumer will stop reading.

A user-friendly website with a simple and well-organized design is a must.

Not sure if your website has what it takes to convert leads into sales? Schedule a 15 consultation here.


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You're thinking of hiring a copywriter (hint: yours truly) and you're wondering what to expect if you submit your information on the Contact page.

Before I break down the process, I will say this: you don't need to worry about a salesy pitch. In fact, during our initial conversation, I'll ask a bunch of questions and YOU'LL be doing most of the talking. My goal is to find out about your company and how I can help. In most cases, you won't get a pitch at all over the phone. What you will get is a proposal via email after our call which will outline my suggestions to help your business.

If you're reading this thinking, I'm too busy to talk, I hear you. That's why I let clients know that initial consults are only about 15 - maybe 30 - minutes. If you can commit to 15-30 minutes, I promise to use that time effectively.

What IS the process, exactly?


  • Consultation: I'll ask you about your company, business challenges, some suggestions, and your timeline. If you already know what your company needs, then we'll focus on the specifics of that project.

  • Proposal: I'll email you a proposal with the scope of my services, a quote, and a proposed timeline. You decide if you want to move forward with some or all of the proposal.

  • Contract: I'll send you a contract which details the project, payment, and other necessary information. You pay one-half in advance and we move to Phase Two!


  • Kickoff Call: Another phone call! This time, we'll talk in greater detail and I'll have even more questions so that I can prepare a creative brief.

  • Creative Brief: The creative brief is a documents that outlines the goals, purpose and strategy of the project. I'll send that over to you within 2 business days of our kick off call.

  • The Work: After you approve the brief, that's when I get to work. I may need to reach out occasionally with questions but usually I'm tucked away in my secret lair as I research, concept, write and edit the copy until it's ready for review.


  • Copy Doc: I'll send you the completed copy doc and schedule a call to talk about it and any feedback you have.

  • Revisions: I have no limit on revisions, but I do ask that all revisions be communicated within 14 days of receiving the copy doc. This ensures that I am still available- and not working on another project. This also ensures that the copy does what it's supposed to be doing: helping your business! It does no good languishing in review purgatory so let's commit to reviewing it and finalizing it right away.

  • Payment: Once you're completely happy with the work, I'll invoice you for the balance and you pay!

If you're ready to get started, then go ahead and reach out here!


Need a good copywriter? Contact me here!

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Since I began my copywriting journey, I've been surprised by the number of people who don't know what it means to be a copywriter. I often get quizzical looks or- because of my legal background- I've had several people ask me if it's related to copyright law. (spoiler alert: it's not).

I thought I would use my first blog post here on my website to explain copywriting and clear up any confusion. Odds are- if you're here- you're probably looking for a copywriter and don't need an explanation. For those of you who wandered here either out of curiosity or by chance - this is for you.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a particular type of writing that seeks to persuade, to sell, or to convince someone to take action.

You see copywriting every day. We are inundated with it often without realizing it or without knowing the word for it.

Do you take the metro to work in the morning? Did you see any billboards before getting on the train? Or any inside the train? That's copywriting.

When's the last time you scrolled through Facebook or Instagram, and stopped to read an advertisement? Maybe that advertisement convinced you to make a purchase for a company you had never heard of before. That's copywriting.

The next time you collect your mail, take a careful look. Those inserts, flyers, postcards, and letters from companies vying for your attention? That's copywriting.

In fact, copywriting is such a broad term that there are subcategories of copywriting including:

  • Website Copy

  • Email Copy

  • Brand Copy

  • Sales Copy

  • Direct Response Copy

  • Social Media Copy

  • Product Copy

  • Ad Copy

  • Video or Script Copy

and more!

Stand Out from the Crowd

As you look around more, you'll realize that copy is ubiquitous. And because it's everywhere- often without us being aware of it- it's imperative that you find a copywriter who knows how to make your product or service stand out from the crowd. A copywriter who understands your vision and delivers the most compelling version of your brand voice so that your customers take notice.

If that sounds like something you may need help with, let's talk. Initial consults take only about 15 minutes, and they're free.


Need a good copywriter? Contact me here!

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